November 22, 2010

Hi. Due to my 10th birthday, we ar relocating to A Ten Year Old’s Travels. Bye.

Cremated With Kerosene

November 2, 2010

You (might) know about me. I’m a pyromaniac. And I got to see a Hindu cremation. It was a rajah, so there was a HUUUUGE (!) funeral going on. They had built a huge and hollow sacred bull statue out of foam rubber, and they had a tall mobile tower/palanquin for the body in its coffin. Then, they sliced open the statue and inserted the coffin into it and then, after the rajah’s relations had finished circling the bull with offerings, they sprayed it with kerosene and lit it. All the while, a team of firemen had been on standby, and then they went into action, by containing the fire.

I then found out that burning flesh does not smell good. While this was happening, bits of smouldering foam rubber were flying everywhere, and one paticularly large piece landed on someone. He did get it off, though, so he didn’t get incinerated. They then finished the cremation with a flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower.

Now I will have dinner. So goodbye.

Yet Another Wonderful Island Retreat

October 26, 2010

Yes, another island. This one was also great, quelle surprise. However, it was also wierd. And I mean it. Wierd, in the context of  “okay,  huge wooden chalet with air con, electricity, running water (until the pump broke), but no sink!?” Like I said, wierd. Wierd wierd and warped. The chalet was wierd in itself. I mean, it was on a secluded white sand island with a tiny population, and a communal motorbike. Nuts. Anyways, I swam about a mile to get to an island with great white sand beaches, and that didn’t let me down. What did let me down was my computer, which blew its  motherboard in a titanic struggle between norton antivirus and the 27 cyberthreats hidden on my computer. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Dugong, Desert Islands and an Underwater Volcano

October 19, 2010

First up, the Dugong. I have seen them, and have decided that the Dugong resemble Hippos. They are greyish and are actually mammals. They are also critically endangered, thanks to villagers who casually butcher them. And it will take a lot of tourist cash to save them.
Then there is the desert island, known as Dodola. A beautiful island, with white sand beaches and a sandbar stretching over to another island. It also boasts a HUGE wood chalet and at night time you can take a swim in beautiful luminescent water. The low point: it’s infested with midges and mozzies. 😦
As for the volcano, I got to go down and dive it. Odd stuff down there, from lobsters to fan coral.
All this and I am still glad to see an internet cafe.


October 8, 2010

Today, I was caught in an earthquake. The day started normally. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to the shop, buy crackers, etc. Then go to the internet cafe. Go to the internet cafe. Use their toilet. Get caught in an earthquake in the bathroom.

Actually, I did not know why the hell the toilet was shaking, nor did I know why (the hell) people were shouting. Then all of a sudden, mum runs up to the toilet door and screams at me to get out of the building (not earthquake procedure, actually). Luckily nothing (as far as I’m concerned) was broken.

Tarsiers (Or Cute Things)

September 20, 2010

This post starts with a 4am wake up that turned out not to be worth it.  However, the short hike following it was worth it. It was my first encounter with a Tarsier. A tarsier is a small, fuzzy and nocturnal creature with big round eyes. Sadly, due to human activity, namely hunting, they are endangered.

They can only be found in Indonesia and the Phillipines. We saw three of them (mum, dad, baby) living in a strangling figs. They only live in strangling fig trees for some reason, and  nowhere else. In other words, they are cute but rare.


September 18, 2010

Well. Here I am, in the large city of Manado. I came here from the not-so-large port of Gorontalo. I went there from Pulau Kadidiri, a remote-ish island garnished with beaches and thriving (despite numerous boats crushing them) coral reef and a boy called Amal whose family own the resort (made of wood and bamboo wicker) we stayed at made friends with me.

We played some fun little games with the resident puppies, such as throwing them into the sea. We also sawed some toy guns out of wood, attached slingshot mechanisms to them, made ammo and played war games with them. Perhaps you could go there. Then you’ll see that i’m not joking.

White Water Wafting

September 15, 2010

I love Xorbing. I love Zipwiring. I love WhiteWater rafting. WhiteWater rafting is on rapids. However, what is white, apart from foam crests? Snow. When you get into the inflatable raft, you feel fine. However, when you get splashed, the temperature drops by a few degrees.

I did this. It starts with an early wake-up. After breakfast, I am hustled onto a minibus.  I sleep on the minibus. After waking up, I find myself taking a truck down the bumpiest road of my (and, apparently, mum’s) life. Then I have to trek down to the river. On getting down, I see the raft being inflated. I take off my disintergrating (and cheap) boots.

I ride the rapids. And have fun.

The World’s Goriest Funeral

September 1, 2010

I believe myself to have watched one of the goriest funerals on 21st century earth. It started with me getting woken up and put on a motorbike (in my clothes). After a long drive, we wind up at an ethnic funeral, and after getting up the hill, we arrive in time to see pigs and buffalo being brought along, ready for throat-slitting (actually they only did 2 that day).

I begin to feel a touch ill. Mum informs me that they have killed a pig. I am invited for lunch. Later, I notice a pig freaking out and peeing itself. Then they start digging a hole for a massive bamboo stake. After they put in the stake, they bring in a large buffalo. Then they tie its leg to the stake. Then they slit its throat. I feel really sick.

I think, the family must be very rich to afford all this. They are. Buffalo are VERY valuable. Standard buffalo cost 6,398.62 US$. Blue eyed albino buffalo will get you a chaffeur-driven limousine. Anyways, thankfully I didn’t chuck up….


August 26, 2010

A few days ago, I went snorkeling. While I was snorkeling, I saw a whopping great sea Turtle. Sea Turtles have a lifespan of around 200 years and are strong swimmers. I had to put on a big burst of effort to catch up with one, but then I reached out and touched its shell.

That night, we went over to the Turtle beach and we saw a mother Turtle burying her eggs in the sand. When they collected the eggs to keep them safe (mother Turtles bury the eggs and ditch them) they let me release a couple of other newborns, who were then named Zac, after me, and Fred, after my best friend. So this blog is being written by a turtle. 😉