Squat Toilets.  The other way of saying horrid. (to a westerner.) I must remark that if you need to poop, use a western toilet or the forest but NOT a squat. I, myself, once must have eaten something that did not agree with me and to make matters worse, i was in cambodia so I had to use a squat for diarrhoea. As you can imagine, it spilled.


5 Responses to “Splot!”

  1. theodorasutcliffe Says:

    yep, that looks pretty authentic, sweetheart. i wrote about something similar here… http://travelswithanineyearold.com/2010/02/15/mr-toilet/

  2. theodorasutcliffe Says:

    also, lovely writing…

  3. Helen Says:

    Just what I didn’t want to hear!

  4. El Diablo Ocho Says:




    That’s some nice bog blogging, Zac! Colourful, informative and honest. Two thumbs up (and a roll of toilet paper).

  5. MummyT Says:

    They’re sh*t and they know they are!

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