Yep, the 3rd blog post today and i am getting fed up.. but not enough to do long division. In fact, the prospect of doing it keeps me going. I have now plucked up the courage to say that I think what caused the universe was a thing i call zero matter. Basically, it is a nothingness with the power to cause something. Just an unliving, unsupernatural, semi-existing “god”. However, I am not saying other religous views are wrong so please do not take this as an offence but as a different view and please respect it.


2 Responses to “….”

  1. Doble Ocho Says:

    Did zero matter (ZM) create the laws by which the universe develops?

    Or was ZM the trigger which started the universe on its course but the laws by which it develops were established separately?

    It will be interesting to see your theory evolve. I hope you come up with experiments to test it.

  2. Fred and Aslan Says:

    Aslan: I feel so sorry that you had to use the squat toilet in Cambodia when you had a poorly bottom.

    Fred: Excellent start, I also feel sorry for you having to do long division. I checked out the link on Nitrome, what game are you playing?

    Lots of love!

    PS from Fred’s mum: Your idea of zero matter is super interesting. I’m very struck by the idea of an unsupernatural and semi-existing catalyst/force… Keep blogging!

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