Coffee Beans!!!

I am doing this post rather irately in a coffee shop known as true coffee and have just read an article called ‘From The Earth to the cup’. Here it is.

Growing the coffee

Coffee is grown at altitudes of 800-1500 meters above sea level.

The coffee cherries take approx 6-8 months to grow to the diameter of around 1.5cm. (at which time they will be ready to harvest.)

The harvester will hand-pick only the ripest cherries by looking at their color.

The ripe cherries will then be washed and skinned until all skin and pulp is cleanly removed from what is now a coffee bean and was a cherry.

The beans will then be left to completely sun dry on a patio.

After the final stage of hulling they are roasted to create the coffee beans you know.

So, now you know how coffee beans are made.


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2 Responses to “Coffee Beans!!!”

  1. Helen Says:

    Great example of informal learning – it wasn’t even Monday! The story goes that coffee was first discovered by a goatherd who noticed how frisky his animals were after eating from coffee bushes – could be apocryphal of course. I wonder how they got from that to roasting the beans? On the same lines how did people learn that the heart of an artichoke was good to eat? I love hearing about your adventures from both you and Mum. keep safe!

  2. MummyT Says:

    We will go and visit a coffee farm at some point, and we can see it all in action… I’ll check whether S-E Asia or LatAm is best. They have great coffee in Vietnam, of course…

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