That Was Awkward

Now i know most asians i meet here think i am older than i really am, but this is ridiculous! I have just been asked ‘where my wife is’!!! it makes me feel like goliath! 😦 Oh, and why do they laugh whenever i say something in english? How would they like it if i burst out laughing at the mere mention of a word?


2 Responses to “That Was Awkward”

  1. MummyT Says:

    LOL! This is the funniest thing I have read for sometime! I leave you alone for an hour or so to go and pick up our passports, and they’re marrying you off. Either that, or thinking I’ve neglected you…

  2. Jessica taylor Says:

    When I go travelling in Africa, I always carry a picture of a male friend just so that when I’m approached by lots of dodgy men I can say, look, I’m married and this is my husband! In fact I have a lot of fun making up characteristics of this ‘husband’ not to mention a new name each time as well as a story of how we met!

    I think my ability to confer a visa on a potential husband makes me very attractive…

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