Now I know Tom & Jerry are hilarious, but let’s think; if Tom & Jerry were real humans, would you laugh? I think not. I had a moment when I got a massive cut from getting my foot stuck in a concrete sewer grating. We had to put iodine on it. Iodine stings like hell and had me wincing, I can tell you! So my point is: cartoon violence may be funny, but real violence is not.


3 Responses to “Comedy=:C”

  1. Granny Says:

    Absolutely right! Sorry to hear about your foot – add it to the list of scars from the adventure.
    Lots of love

  2. MummyT Says:

    It’s not so much his foot as about three inches off the front of his shin. Mercifully, the sewer proper, erm, I mean “storm drain” was out of his depth, as it were. We are still going heavy on the iodine…

  3. Helen Says:

    Bad luck! That really is a bit tough, but it has clearly made you think about personal damage. Well done Mummy T for sorting you out, even if if wasn’t exactly painless.

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