Water Parks R Gr8!

Yes, water parks are great and may have helped mum overcome her vertigo. First of all we tubed down the lazy river. Lazy rivers also tend to have artificial rapids. I was also very chuffed with the black flume. Black flumes are VERY fast flumes that you go down in 2-man tubes. I also enjoyed the red kamikaze, a twisting slide which is pretty fast. I LOVED the mat slide, but if I had to pick one favourite, I would choose the diving board. This was the one I got a round of applause for. This, was where mum braved it. And it was AWESOME! 😀

P.S: The water park is in Hanoi.


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4 Responses to “Water Parks R Gr8!”

  1. MummyT Says:

    You were AMAZING 🙂 xxx

  2. mish Says:

    Zac,I agree with Mum’s comment – you Are amazing. I shed tears while reading both yours & T’s blogs about the diving board plunge. I so wish I had been there to applaud you when you broke the surface. xx

  3. Helen Says:

    Sounds fantastic, you’re a real water baby – ooops, water boy.

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