Hook, Line And Sunk

I want to do archery. I am not strong enough for their longbows because the pull is about fifty pounds and I’m not quite strong enough to crank it all the way back. I am, however, strong enough for fishing.

Sure, fishing takes a while, and a degree of patience but it does have good results. I have caught a couple of fishes and put one in the fridge, putting the other back in our expensive resort’s pond.

My fish is pink with red fins and edible. The fish in question died in the fridge, poor creature never stood a chance. A while ago we spent ages trying to get the hook out. It is not a pretty sight to see a fish thrashing about with a hook in it’s mouth.

Fishing is not that hard, complex or even boring. In fact, it’s quite fun! As for the fish, we had the chef fry it and it tasted quite nice.


3 Responses to “Hook, Line And Sunk”

  1. Helen Says:

    Well done,it is very satisfying catching fish, but I have only ever done it with someone who dealt with the catch when landed. As for archery, when you get back to the UK there are plenty of archery clubs for the over eights with equipment of suitable weights. All is not lost. Edward took it up again quite seriously at university and has done lots of competitions.

  2. Fred's mum Says:

    I thought you were meant to bop them on the head once caught. Or does keeping them alive as long as poss ensure they’re fresh for the kitchen? Must have been gratifying to eat food you’d caught yourself tho. Next time you’ll have to gut it and cook it over a campfire too… Oh and how about working on bow and arrow skills? Easier than archery, maybe. Could you gut and cook a mammal tho? xx

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