New Country…… Again.

So, after a long boat ride, we are in Indonesia.  Another country. Our first stop is at the port, when we get a [not] friendly visit from customs officials. And a HUGE Alsatian (also a customs official).

Then we get a taxi to the ironically named Bahagia (happy) guesthouse. Hellpit. Two pathetic fans, two damaged beds, a mirror and two almost busted tables and a view that ends at about two metres cost over $10.  For a more prescise conversion, click here.

Then we went to the mangrove park. Borneo is the only place on Earth where you can see walking fish. They are not very good walkers, more crawlers. Strange, too, but not sickeningly ugly, though not the prettiest of fish.

They are shy creatures, so don’t do anything in a massive rush. Though not really fast, they can put on a massive sprint when scared. I suspect they are not fish at all, but amphibians. The fact that they live in puddles is a strong hint.  So, to cut a long story short, it was fun at the park but not at the port.


6 Responses to “New Country…… Again.”

  1. MummyT Says:

    Sweetheart! You neglected to mention the rats. (On the downside.)

    And the proboscis monkeys (on the upside). xxx

  2. Helen Says:

    Sounds like another series of adventures is about to start. Guest house sounds less than attractive. Hope the people are better than the accommodation. xxx Helen

  3. MummyT Says:

    The people at the guesthouse are really sweet, in fact. As Z said, “They are really nice. But you wouldn’t tell it from the rooms.”

    We are waiting for Pulau Derawan to have a wash. Zac will no doubt explain the fine points of Indonesian bathrooms in a subsequent post.

    My personal low point? Thinking the tail ascending the stairs was a large, fast-moving gecko. Then realising it was a humongous rat.

  4. Amir Says:

    The walking fish is common places where mangrove forest thrive. Other than Borneo, mudskippers can also be found in Peninsular Malaysia and other Indonesian islands

  5. mish Says:

    Oh Yuk, & another Yuk! I was thinking the guesthouse might be just about endurable until I came to the rat part.
    Aren’t there any other alternatives to staying at the Bahagia? You are both way ahead in dealing with & overcoming challenging situations – take the soft option I say.
    Mish x

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