Well. Here I am, in the large city of Manado. I came here from the not-so-large port of Gorontalo. I went there from Pulau Kadidiri, a remote-ish island garnished with beaches and thriving (despite numerous boats crushing them) coral reef and a boy called Amal whose family own the resort (made of wood and bamboo wicker) we stayed at made friends with me.

We played some fun little games with the resident puppies, such as throwing them into the sea. We also sawed some toy guns out of wood, attached slingshot mechanisms to them, made ammo and played war games with them. Perhaps you could go there. Then you’ll see that i’m not joking.


5 Responses to “Kadidiri”

  1. Caroline (Puppy Protection Services) Says:

    I’m on my way there right now with some puppy armbands, no legbands, in my suitcase. You made your own guns? Awesome!

  2. Helen Says:

    Sounds very boy-like fun. You seem to be very good at making friends with people your own age, whatever the language difference. Hope the puppies enjoyed the game as much as you did.

  3. MummyT Says:

    The puppies didn’t seem to object, actually. Which rather surprised me…

  4. granny Says:

    No puppies here but we seem to have acquired a resident cat (in Tseria) who drinks milk (distrustfully) and leaves white hairs on the black chair! Enjoyed the post about tarsiers too – have never seen one, not even in a zoo.
    Lovely talking to you just now – we both like the hairstyle.
    Lots of love

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