Today, I was caught in an earthquake. The day started normally. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to the shop, buy crackers, etc. Then go to the internet cafe. Go to the internet cafe. Use their toilet. Get caught in an earthquake in the bathroom.

Actually, I did not know why the hell the toilet was shaking, nor did I know why (the hell) people were shouting. Then all of a sudden, mum runs up to the toilet door and screams at me to get out of the building (not earthquake procedure, actually). Luckily nothing (as far as I’m concerned) was broken.


7 Responses to “Toiletquakes”

  1. MummyT Says:

    Well, it’s bloody earthquake procedure here, sweetheart. No particular risk of large buildings falling on your head. Quite substantial one of small ones completely collapsing as you do your business.

    Anyway. Enlighten me. What should I have done?

  2. kate maindonald Says:

    well if it makes you feel any better, my mum and dad are in Christchurch where they have been having constant earthquakes for the last 4-5 weeks. Mum (who is 80 and has ONE good leg as she keeps pointing out!) was half way in her trousers- one leg in one leg out when one started up… not quite sure how that went but she assures me it was at least a comedy moment!

  3. granny Says:

    V inpressed with your calmness.What was it on the rICHTER scale? Have only experienced one earthquake in norfolk, but it did wake us both up. The epicentre was the exciting Lincolnshire town of Market rasen…
    Lots of love. trying to skype but think the Indonesian connection must be pretty rubbish

  4. Helen Says:

    What an experience! Were there any cups, glasses or crockery of any sort left for eating and drinking out of?

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