Cremated With Kerosene

You (might) know about me. I’m a pyromaniac. And I got to see a Hindu cremation. It was a rajah, so there was a HUUUUGE (!) funeral going on. They had built a huge and hollow sacred bull statue out of foam rubber, and they had a tall mobile tower/palanquin for the body in its coffin. Then, they sliced open the statue and inserted the coffin into it and then, after the rajah’s relations had finished circling the bull with offerings, they sprayed it with kerosene and lit it. All the while, a team of firemen had been on standby, and then they went into action, by containing the fire.

I then found out that burning flesh does not smell good. While this was happening, bits of smouldering foam rubber were flying everywhere, and one paticularly large piece landed on someone. He did get it off, though, so he didn’t get incinerated. They then finished the cremation with a flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower.

Now I will have dinner. So goodbye.


5 Responses to “Cremated With Kerosene”

  1. Anne-Marie Says:

    Sounds highly entertaining – for a pyromaniac! I have always assumed that burning human flesh smells like barbecued meat that’s fallen into the coals, only presumably more overwhelming.
    Enjoy your (not overcooked I hope) dinner.

  2. Snap Says:

    It sounds more like an environmental hazard, than a funeral đŸ˜‰

  3. MummyT Says:

    Aw honey. You seem to have left your audience speechless. I can’t imagine why.

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