Dugong, Desert Islands and an Underwater Volcano

First up, the Dugong. I have seen them, and have decided that the Dugong resemble Hippos. They are greyish and are actually mammals. They are also critically endangered, thanks to villagers who casually butcher them. And it will take a lot of tourist cash to save them.
Then there is the desert island, known as Dodola. A beautiful island, with white sand beaches and a sandbar stretching over to another island. It also boasts a HUGE wood chalet and at night time you can take a swim in beautiful luminescent water. The low point: it’s infested with midges and mozzies. 😦
As for the volcano, I got to go down and dive it. Odd stuff down there, from lobsters to fan coral.
All this and I am still glad to see an internet cafe.


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